Saturday, November 17, 2012

"The Sexiest Thing Ever Said To Me"

A Very Very Very Very Short Story

The train rumbled into Astoria, out from inside the tunnels. I could smell the liquor in her breath even in my sleep. We were the only two in the N line car. The red flashing prompt read 3:04am. It was a wild night hopping from bar to bar to bar to bar. Never ending.

"The next stop is...Broadway" said the announcer. The robotic voice woke me up. We were almost home. She was almost scantily clad in her little black dress covered in shame, vomit and baklava. "Babe, were almost home." I shook her.

She woke up. Groggily she stared out of the window and replied with the sexiest thing ever said to me. She replied sleepily and with a low tone: "Are we? Good, because I have to take a huge dump..."


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