Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Untitled Project

Part 3

"Hey! Come here!" hushed one of the gods. She rained fire and hell every single shift, but tonight was different. This moment would change everything. "I see you're getting better" she said. "You've been flipping tables like I've never seen before."

I was legacy.

The snake continued to hiss. We might have an opening for an expert position with your name on it. She laughed with a sly grin. She revealed fangs. She was one of the gods. I quickly rose in the ranks. Continuously overlooking everything that made the regime what it truly was. It made me strong.

I was in it for the money.
Nothing more.
I was integrity.

Mindless Server Drone Number 3 was my sister. My confidante. My best friend. She wanted what I wanted. She wanted to live forever. It was the end of the shift and we both looked up at the Wall of Shame, as I would secretly call it. Those who bore the name "Expert" gained immortality and earned a place on the wall.

That's gonna be us one day, she said to me as we looked at the highly coveted pedestal. The names in bright and shiny gold. It was dazzling. We wanted it.

We were team.

She didn't know I was somewhat offered a spot. What if I became immortal and she didn't? She works just as hard as I do. What if she doesn't become forever? It didn't matter. We both worked. We kept working.

We were integrity.

Pass by.

I grew weaker. The regime kept pounding their mighty hammers and my server brethren continuously oppressed. They waved their flags of red and black. Gods don't die.

Experts don't die.

No other word about an offer to be an expert was uttered. It was the beginning of the shift and the mighty Zeus flew down from his perch to preach us words of hope and goodwill before our shift. His voice boomed, "I would like to announce that Mindless Server Drone Number 3 will soon be starting training to become an expert." My jaw dropped. She was going to become immortal. No longer the oppressed. She will soon become the oppressor. She will become forever.

I was legend.

I thought back to a conversation we had. We need to become experts, she told me. Think of all the good we can do! She yelped and squealed. We could become forever. All we need is a chance.

Zeus spoke once more, If you all want an equal chance to become experts, you all need to step your game up. We want to see the sales number skyrocket if you want any chance to become forever! Zeus hath spoken. He flew back up to his perch.

I was suppressed envy. Over the next week, I witnessed a brainwashing. I watched the gods carve out another immortal. I observed the birth of an expert. I walked upstairs to visit my friend number 3 during the training. I watched as the screen spun out of control. She watched and absorbed propaganda.

She turned her head back with eyes of jet black. She was no longer Mindless Server Drone Number 3. Expert 3 yelled, "GO AWAY!"

I continued to work hard while my best friend patrolled the floor. Her fist shook with electrifying anger and authority. She was no longer the confidante I knew. She was booming thunder. She was Gestapo. She was police. She was thunderous abuse of authority.

That could've been me. She oppressed my collective elite. She treated us like trash. Like scum. They all did. They made me sick. There were no rules. Their word was law. It was abhorrent. Expert Number 3 led a driving force. She made the experts stronger and stronger while my collective grew weaker and weaker.

Something needed to change.
Something needed to be done.
A revolution needed to happen.

This was when I became leader.
This was when I became crusader.

This was when I became pariah

What a sordid little place.

[end of Part 3]

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