Thursday, June 7, 2012

Untitled Project

Part 5

"That's what I thought,"

I said quietly and fiercely to him. I have been watching this one for a number of days now. He's planning something. I know it. I can already tell that he doesn't like us.

I can feel him scheming.

I am Expert Number 6 and I am part of the secret society. I am secret police. I rule the floor with an iron fist and electricity in my veins with my brethren. We strike down any and all opposition. It is our birthright. They outnumber us. We outgun them.

I walked back to the table with my brother Expert Number 2. "Worthless little shits aren't they?" I muttered, and he laughed with me. Mindless Server Drones Numbers 3 all the way through 12 were all folding napkins and wrapping silverware while Number 2 and I laughed and reflected on the night. In complete relaxation.

I can hear their bones aching and cracking under intense pressure, and their souls moaning quietly. I can feel their muscles stretching in pain. I can feel their tender ligaments and sore joints.

I'm getting wet.

Sure, the night was busy, and there was a lot to do, but that's what the Drones are here for. The gods made me into an expert because they knew I was good enough to become forever. I am power. I am authority. I am totalitarian. I am ultimate.

I am beauty.
I am perfect.
I am complete.

My job?

I serve.

But I also give orders. I am commander. I am lieutenant. I am chief. I say jump. They ask how high. I am above and they are below. The striking blindness of my badge stunts the vision of anyone who takes a glance. I steal their visions.

We are experts.
We are the lions in the jungle.
We are kings.

We crush aspirations.
We demolish dreams.
We are unstoppable.

I am everything these things, these nothings have ever wanted to be, and will never become. These servers are the gum under my shoe. Especially the scheming one. "Who the fuck does he think he is?" I asked Number 2. He answered, "Don't worry about him. If he even tries anything, we'll make sure he gets his just deserts." We both smirked.

We rule.
We take.
We conquer.

I hear a voice coming from behind me. It's one of those little peons. That very same one. Him. The scheming one.

"Hey, Number 6! I have a question for you!

[end of Part 5]

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