Friday, June 15, 2012

Untitled Project


7 months later

Jessica was one of the premiere servers on the team. One of the best. She was on the floor for the night shift along with Carlos, Louis, Janice, Tabitha and a few others. They had been serving for a while. For tonight, Jessica would be serving the back area. "Ha. That's pretty cool," she sardonically thought to herself. She chuckled lightly.

There were no gods.
There were no kings.

Terrence was finishing his lunch shift and walked up the stairs to finish his daily duties before he could be dismissed. "Rolling silverware?" asked sexy Samantha. Another top tiered server. Her hair brazen and blonde. She was beautiful. She had no qualms. "Let me help you with that." She wanted to start her shift and make her money.

There were no gods.
There were no kings.
There was no segregation.
There was no separation.

Jen, Clyde and Krystal all entered together. They had their own clique. Best friends no matter what. They had each others backs for every shift.

Miranda, the assistant manager walked up the stairs, "All right guys. Gather round and I'll let you guys know what's up for tonight." The team all huddled and Miranda whipped out a sheet of paper with the itinerary. The new guy, James, was serving for his first time. "Jessie, since you're one of our best, you'll be training James for a few hours and he'll come back tomorrow for the rest of his training."

Jessica nodded in confirmation. Veteran and apprentice both looked at each other and traded sly grins. They were both ready. The servers were all given their sections and their duties and it was time for the night to begin.

Miranda continued, "Also. Jen, I noticed you were slacking just a bit yesterday. Let's see if we can change that tonight. I'll be around if you or any of you guys need help."

There were no gods.
There was no iron.
There was no lightning.

The night came and went. Happy guests. Time sped. Songs were sung. Birthdays were celebrated. The host team were finishing their duties. They too had a newbie joining the ranks. Carmen had never hosted before and on that very same night, she was able to form a strong bond with Elizabeth, who was one of the top hostesses and a veteran in her field. She had seen everything.

Elizabeth and Carmen both watched Jessica run around trying to get everything done. Jessica led the team and was still able to have James under her wing. Elizabeth and Carmen both slipped on their jackets and left for the door. The night was cool and brisk. "Which way are you taking?" asked Elizabeth. Carmen answered, "I usually walk down Bryton Street and then I turn left." Elizabeth said with a grin, "I'm going the same way!"

They both walked together.

There were no kings.
No lords
No drones
No badges
No demigods
No hierarchy

The streets were quiet. Elizabeth had Jessica on her mind. The way Jessica scrambled late into the night, cleaning, sweeping, training, leading her team. She was good enough to become a manager if she wanted it. She had guts and knowledge. Elizabeth chuckled. Carmen looked up at Elizabeth,

"What's so funny?"

Elizabeth answered, "It's just funny to see Jessie the way she is at the job. She thinks she's an still an expert." Elizabeth continued to chuckle quietly.

There were no kings.

Carmen queried, "What's an expert?"

Elizabeth gasped quietly, "Oh yeah! I forgot you're new with us!"

"Let me tell you a little story..."

[the end]

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