Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Untitled Project

Part 9

It continued.
Kingdoms burned.
Towers toppled.
Kings fell.

The formerly mindless servers cried change and reform. Rebirth was necessary. The servers showed a vulgar display of a newfound power. We all witnessed the abortions of the experts' souls on the kitchen floor. Expert Number 8 shouted to the heavens where the gods lived, "They're right! This is fucked up! I don't want to be an Expert anymore!" He had forsaken his badge and demoted himself.

We welcomed him warmly into the collective elite.

It was a beautiful chaos.
Infrastructures failed. Years and years of hard work from the experts turned into a revelation of biblical proportions.

Other Experts were more purist. They cried for the regime to stay. They thought they could counter the revolution. It was futile.

The laughter continued.
The mockery continued.
The servers would not be kicked around for any longer.
It was civil war.
It was anarchy.
It was beautiful.

"You have chaos running through your fingertips," echoed Zeus. Father of the gods. King of kings. I didn't know where the noise was coming from. It was ominous. He continued. "You, good sir, hold true power. That which not even I can possess." Zeus himself flew down from his perch. He was majesty.

He was pompous dictator. He was unrelenting tyrant. We worshipped him. The servers. The experts. "We need to talk." he said in a cold dark voice. "See me after your shift." As quickly as he appeared, he disappeared.

"It was clearly because one of the experts squealed on you about what you said about them the other day." said to me Number 13. "Don't worry about it. We're all here for you," added Number 6.

They were my brothers and sisters. I loved them. The shift halted to a slow drip. The servers all did the duties that they were assigned that night. Nothing more. There was very little interference from most of the experts. They were cautious.

I continued to be sword and shield. Ever vigilant.

The Experts and I all traded stares. I could see the fire in their eyes. I was able to sense the mourning of their empire. It was falling. It was failing. Their system was flawed. They were running on E and they knew it. I was pariah. I was enemy of the state. Their stomachs churned with embarrassment.

They were being laughed at.

As I exited the kitchen, and what used to be scribbled on the marker board words like "ha ha", "what a joke" and "experts" now read encouraging words like:

"the revolution will not die"  
"never give up"
"reform and change"

In black marker.
I was legacy.
I left my mark.
They left theirs.
We would all become forever.

The shift ended and it was time to speak with the almighty. I found myself at one of the tables and he sauntered over. King of kings. He knew his empire was falling and he knew he needed to take action.

"Hello, Mark." he said to me as he casually took his seat. I bit back, "That's Mindless Server Drone Number 2 to you." I showed no fear. He laughed lightly. "That's quite alright. It seems as though you want to cut to the chase. Very well. One of my Experts told me about what you said on the Internet. I just wanted to know what you meant by "joke". See, I raised the experts. I birthed them. You say they are nothing but a joke. Does that mean that I am a joke to you? Explain yourself."

I breathed once. "Your experts are nothing but a bunch of little mini tyrants. They serve just like me. Their only claim to fame is a shiny badge." he stared dauntingly as I spoke.

He breathed deeply. "Let me put it like this. Imagine a cancer cell. If one cancer cell gets to another healthy cell, then that cell also becomes a cancer cell. Those two cancer cell gets to four more and then you have multiple cancer ce--"

I cut him off

"Sir, I know how cancer works." I said.

"Very well," he said back in a very grandiose manner. "Allow me to put it this way, then. You're detrimental to my empire. You're efficiently destroying the kingdom that I've worked so hard to build. You get to one server, and then they infect another two. Those two will infect another four, and before we know it, the place becomes this titanic tumor of little revolutionaries wanting "change" and "reform. I'm going to give you two choices. But please choose wisely. I like you, Mark. I honestly say you have to be one of the best servers here. You make money for me. You make money for you. Id hate to lose you."

I raised my eyebrow in suspicion. "It's funny you compare this place to a cancerous tumor, because thats what this place is with the Experts running the show."

He sardonically chortled.

"Just one question. Why didn't you make me into one of your little tyrants?" I asked. He answered, "Because I knew deep inside that you were destined for much more. Something that I myself cannot provide you. You're bigger than you think, Mark. You were able to create unholy anarchy from just 5 or 6 little words!"

6 seconds of silence followed.

"Here are your two choices, Mark. I want you to leave this place and never turn back. It is clear that the Mindless Server Drones no longer need you. You gave them heart and courage. Something that if earned, can never be taken away, no matter how hard I would want to try. The Experts will rebuild themselves somehow. You won't have to worry about us. Don't consider it abandoning your fellow servers. Consider it an opportunity to seek a higher purpose."

He continued,

"Or you can stay. I'd like for you to stay as well. But if you choose to stay, you have to drop the whole "revolutionary" act and conform. You cannot speak any more words about the servers, the Experts, or about anything else that happens here to anyone. You have to shut your mouth, and fall in line. Let the Experts be Experts. Everything will eventually fall into place. In return, I can offer you a generous raise and a bonus. This, and more tables in the front sections."

I had an extremely difficult decision to make.

I left my mark.
I was game changer
I was forever
I was legacy
I was legend
I was forever

[end of Part 9]

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