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Untitled Project

Part 8


Words were the answer the entire time! Words would be my sword and shield. I quickly mastred the freedom of speech. I checked back at my original post, and there were 63 more replies. I bothered not to read any of them. I already knew what they were saying. I loved the attention. It was almost orgasm inducing.

I was Phoenix rising out of the ashes. It was time to go to work.

I slipped on my shirt of black, and my tie of red. I sat back down on my computer and stared at my screen. Technology is an amazing thing. I started thinking to myself, "Hm, what if I..."

I began typing. Again, out of impulse.

heading to work. Hopefully "they" don't chew us up alive again tonight. ;)

I got up out of my chair and retrieved the rest of my things. I returned to close my computer and I already got my first reply:

Expert 1: well if some people just learned to cooperate and conform with the rest of the crew, well have a smooth night. Thank you.

I mockingly chuckled. Very lightly. I left. What a bunch of pretentious bullshit. I realized what was happening. I was angering the demigods. Words were my weapons. I could have asked for nothing more. They destroyed any and all opposition. Not this one.


If they react this way after hearing the voice of one, imagine the voice of 2.

Voice of 5.

Voices of many.

It was time to assemble my army. We needed to challenge the gods. Shut down the regime for good. It was possible. It could be done. This was the dream. I made it just in time for the directional. We would be given our duties for the night and start our shifts. The experts, of course got the better tables to serve, and thus were tipped more. The lower tiered server drones had the tables in the back.

This was where the nastiest of pigs come to feed and fester.

What a sordid little place.

The gods flew back up to the perch after handing out our duties and the night was ours. The drones walked downstairs to begin their shift, but the mob of experts stayed. I sat idly and stoic at the table mentally preparing myself for the night.

I was legend.

Expert Number 1 walked over to where I was sitting. She had a cold winter in her eyes. She read what I had said and commented. She sat down with a stiff demeanor. Experts 4 and 6 stood right behind her. They seemed to be an impenetrable force. I looked over to her nonchalantly and smiled. "So we hear you like to talk shit," she said.

I laughed.

She sighed and the other experts sighed with her. "So what's the deal? You don't like us?" She raised her voice.

I laughed harder. I couldn't keep it in. They were no longer demigods, but clowns. I could only picture Expert 1 with a clown wig and a red nose.

I laughed even harder.

She gritted her teeth and said with fierce tenacity, "Listen here, you little shit! You're not gonna make fools of us. We are better than you so you'll just have to learn to deal with that! The gods will hear about thi--" Expert Number 4 put his hand on her shoulder and said with a hushed tone, "Fuck it. Let's get outta here. We'll let the gods deal with this one."

They all walked away.

I was champion.
I was legacy.

The night was ours.

Server Drone Number 14 hadn't done anything at all. I watched him. He was doing his job, but the Experts had a different plan. I watched one of them lay down the law, yelling, scolding, reprimanding my brother for something he had not done. Lightning flashed from her voice and thunder boomed.

I was sword and shield.

I interrupted. "Hey! I was watching him! He's done nothing wrong! Back off!" The expert stopped what she was saying, and backed away. Her lips tight, and not a sound was heard. We stared and stared. She huffed, and turned around. She scurried away into the night. "Thanks a lot, man. I swear, they give those Experts a little bit of power and this whole place turns to shit!"

He continued, "I also read what you said about them yesterday. Good shit!" he turned away and continued feeding the pigs. I was able to feel a hopeful heart on him.

My revolution began.

On the marker board, what used to say "You Are Not Special" now said words like "ha ha", "what a joke!" and "experts" scribbled all across the board. Numbers were written all over. On the corner I was able to see the word "revolt" scribbled terribly. None of this was my doing. I was leading a secret coup and I hadn't even realized it. Revolt was the name of the game that night.

I left the kitchen and continued to feed the trough that the pigs ate from. I heard one of the experts try to viciously bark an order at one of my sisters. Mindless Server Drone Number 9. She stared nonchalantly and laughed playfully. She skipped away and continued what it was that she was doing.

Another one of the Experts tried to bite at another Server Drone for not having done something that could have been overlooked. "LISTEN HERE!" cried Server Drone Number 12. "THAT SHITTY LITTLE BADGE DOES NOT MAKE YOU BETTER THAN ME! I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU ANYMORE!" she composed herself, and calmly and slyly said, "Now...I think one of your tables wants you." My jaw dropped. The expert was speechless. She turned around and walked away. Number 12 smiled and giggled, and continued her duties.

The drones knew what had to be done. They were no longer mindless. It was amazing.

The Experts were losing power.
The Experts became nothing.
That night
Experts became mere mortals.
They had no lightning.
No fire.
We used to obey them.
On this night, we mocked them.

The servers and I were all one. They finally heard the voices of many. All throughout the floor, I was able to hear voices of laughter. Laughs of mockery and dismay towards the regime.

I became leader.
Without lifting a single finger.
I was Che.
I was Peron.

I made my routine rounds and I was suddenly stopped by Expert Number 3. My best friend. I loved her. The other experts know what you're doing, she said to me. I returned with a sly grin, "Who, me?" Yes! She barked back. "And since we're friends and they know that, they wanted me to talk to you. We all know that it's because of you that the Servers are laughing at us and mocking us. Not doing anything we tell them to. They don't respect us anymore! Everyone saw what you wrote yesterday."

I was legend.
I was legacy.
I was pariah.
I was enemy of the state.

I said quietly, "Remember where you came from. You used to be nothing just like me."

She sighed, "Just stop what you're doing before you lose your job."

I witnessed uprising.
History changed that night.
We were one.

Experts died that night.
On the inside.
Experts can die.

The servers saw and conquered. With relentless force.

It was the end of the shift and the Experts decided to leave early. Leaving all of the Drones and I to wrap the silverware, fold the napkins and finish all of the other miscellaneous tasks all on our own. They were all upstairs waiting for me. I slowly crept upstairs and I finally caught my breath.

They all stopped and stared with hopeful eyes. After a few seconds of silence, Number 5 stood up and started clapping, and then Number 7 and soon, there was an uproarious ovation. They cheered. They hollered. They screamed. They clapped and clapped. I began applauding back at them. If it weren't for them, we'd all still be oppressed.

That night, I became immortal.
I became forever.
My revolution paved the way for years of democracy to come.
This night would go on in history.

I was legacy.
I was revolutionary.
I was leader.
This night was the result of just a few words spoken.
The infinite power of words.
We fought.
We won.

I was forever.
They clapped.
They cheered.
They hollered.

I was forever.

[end of Part 8]

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