Friday, June 8, 2012

Untitled Project

Part 6

How do I stop them? Send me an answer. Go do I end the regime? How do I incarcerate the police? How do I free my brethren? How do I end the oppression?

I stayed up all night.

Alone in my room.

Idea after idea. Scrapped papers littered all over the floor. These monsters had to be stopped. Sketching. Scheming. The perfect plan! I got it! I had it all laid out. A masterpiece. I knew who I needed. I knew what I needed. I knew everything that was going to happen and when, and if this plan is pulled off flawlessly,

History will change.

Eyes getting heavy.
I will soon leave my mark.

I was abortion of atrocity.
I was crisis aversion.
I will soon free my people.

They will hear my thunderous message.

I will soon be leader.

My name will be known throughout. I will impregnate the dream.

When this plan comes to surface, kings will be toppled. Gods and demigods alike will fall. Fall hard. Tyrants will know rape.

Experts can die.

I will be legacy.
I will be legend.
I will be forever.

Go to sleep.

[end of Part 6]

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