Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inner City New York Doesn't Get Enough Exposure

Im getting fucking tired of seeing this:

and this:
and fucking this!!!:

Fuck this! It's bullshit, and its fucking boring! It's all the same shit! See how they all look the same? Bunch of stuck up ass white kids, and black kids who act white who live in the most envied, exotic, and most sought after locations, and who do nothing but get into fights, arguments, and trouble...SNORE!!!! 

I'll admit the first couple of seasons were pretty groundbreaking:

Then: A social experiment. What would happen if we took different people from different backgrounds, and different creeds, and made them all live in the same house? Let's see how they all live and interact.

Now: A social catastrophe. Lets see what happens if we take a bunch of fucking idiots who already hate each other, doesn't matter who the fuck they are, fucking racists, atheists, whites, blacks, and we'll put them all in a fucking expensive loft, and provide them with everything and we'll see how long it takes before they rip each other to fucking shreds for our entertainment.

You already get enough programming of people beating the unholy fuck out of each other, getting into drama, and arguing. The Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore, and whatever other crap VH1 and MTV has to offer. 

But what I want to see is 
The Real World: The Bronx
The Real World: Brooklyn
The Real World Jamaica, Queens

I want it, everyone else wants it. It needs to fucking happen. 

Wouldnt you want to see Shaquita beat the unholy fuck out of RayRay for drinking all the Grape Drink?
Wouldn't you want to see Taliqua get into an argument with Sha'naa over who gets the last weave?
Wouldn't you want to see Capritanice get into it with Tanisha about the picture from the club she was tagged on Facebook?

The answer is yes, and you fucking know it....

Another series that definitely deserves an inner city twist is MTV's Teen Mom, but ill get to that later. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"You tolerate me!, You really, really tolerate me!"

I really hate when people on Facebook or, any other site, or even in public say that they thank the people who hate them for making them who they are. Fucking idiots who say that they love the people who hate them, because they feel some kind of superiority complex. Because it makes them feel better about themselves. You have already read it online, and you've heard it said before.

Here are some examples of "Pages" on Facebook I've pulled up about "haters"

This is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen on the internet, and on any kind of social site.

I swear life and society is just one big double fucking standard.

Of course you want to individualize yourself, and anyone who thinks differently can go fuck themselves. This much i can agree to. But this ideal of infamy, people just tend to take a little too far. You're supposed to hate the people who hate you, not love them. They do not benefit you in any way, shape or form.  When I feel that people don't like me, it does not make me feel better. That idea is retarded in its own right.

Think about the people you dislike. Why do you dislike them? More money? Fame? Popularity? Those people have all that and more, depending on the person of course. They don't need your hate. Nor do you need anyone else's.

This whole "you hate me so, I'm better than you" complex is fucking retarded and must be put to an end...

....which is not going to happen....

Your "haters" DO NOT make who who you are....Your experiences, your thoughts, your visions, your ideas, your personality (or lack thereof) makes you who you are.

Stupid Facebook Names

But of course one of my first official posts had to be about Facebook.

Ok, see this below?

Fucking retarded.

How the hell is anyone supposed to be able to find you when you're not registered with the name that you were given at birth? This little picture has two main peeves I have about people on this site. The stupid name, and the fact that she purposely misspelled "chunky" and Barbie and added like fucking a million i's. That really burns my shit, for some reason. I don't think this could scream "I'm hood" any louder. Do I really want to hit the Add Friend button?

The image was blurred to protect the mentally challenged.

First of many

First of all, welcome to my new blog where ill be ranting about dumb, but relevant shit.
A couple things you should know.

-This is not a happy blog
-I'll be cursing...ALOT...
-You'll be saying "hm, thats true"...ALOT..
-I'll be cursing...ALOT....
-This blog is NSFW....
-There wont be any posts about my vacation, my puppy (which I don't own), or my failing love life
-Dont like anything I have to say? Put a fucking sock in it
-I'm actually a nice guy
-I'll try not to post anything boring as shit
-I'll be writing about shit that pisses me off

that's pretty much it...

oh, and expect some funny shit....

Fuck Tumblr....